May 10, 2017

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April 11, 2017

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This week I have been working with at Set Visions with ASDA to produce shots for their SDA range for their packaging. The different products range from Microwaves, blenders to toasters that will all be photographed within a kitchen set. I will be working with freelance stylist Sarah Cook to create a visual narrative to show the functionality of the products. For each product there is a main shot which will be used on the front of the box and small inset images to illustrate if the product has different functions. For example, an image of a toaster will have a main shot and smaller inset images of the buttons, crumb trays etc. 


For the main shots we have to follow certain guidelines set by ASDA and copy the angle and lighting that has been used on previous shots for packaging. To do this we overlay last years shot of a particular product we are shooting into Capture One to make sure that the product matches the shot, then Sarah will go into set and prop accordingly for the style, story and theme of the product. 


Once we are happy with the final image, Claire Barker, a member of the photography department of ASDA checks over the image and gives us feedback. 


Below are a few behind the scenes imagesand final images with overlays on to show how the shot will look like when it is on the shelve in store.



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