May 10, 2017

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April 11, 2017

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This week I received another portfolio review from the Chairman of Set Visions Photography studio. Set Visions started as a photography studio in 1986 and now has branched out into CGI and filmmaking. 


Set visions is the commercial photography studio where I assisted as part of my placement year. After being with the company for nearly two years and working alongside Graham on many projects, I thought that I would ask him for a review on the development of my portfolio since leaving the studio to return for my final year. 


As previous with Richard Kelly, I gave Graham a few pointer questions to guide the review:


1) Picking two images, could you comment on the strengths and weaknesses of the images. (eg. Technically).

2) Looking at the portfolio as a whole, do you think it works well as a collective or should it be subcategorised and why?

3) What advise would you give a gradating photographer, like myself.



One thing, in your about me section on website their are a couple of gramatical errors I hope you dont mind my pointing out?

It should read currently,and I think it would read better to say

He has always had a desire to create....


I think the portfolio as a whole is vibrant, great use of colour and lighting and shows a commercial awareness combined with good technical execution.

Perhaps a few location images might balance it too?


Specifically,, the flour pouring into mixing bowl image I felt was very strong.

Not easy to light the light coloured objects without too much burnout,and the retouching/ photoshop skills are impressive.


The stack of 4 tumblers however, I couldnt understand the plant behind the product which didnt seem to relate to the product as a whole?

Overall however the backround lighting and detail was very good as many new photographers forget the importance and concentrate on the subject to the detriment of the image?

Overall, very impressive and Im certain you will thrive in the industry,

Get back to me if you need anything else,



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